Sunday 3 January 2010

Happy New Year ...Are you ready for me 2010 ?

Well Christmas came and went.... I didnt get chance to blog what with one thing and another. I will catch up though and post about the fabby advent swap i did with Furrypig and Sylphraven..... Trees were trimmed,Mince Pies and lots of chocolate were eaten. Friends and family gathered and shared making happy memories. 2009 held lots of special moments and found new friends that really touched my heart. I had 2 full days out with dear friends and a couple of days in Telford. Now whilst these arent really big things to most people. After the last 3 years and my attack these were huge events to me. I made some true friends in 2009, i hope they will put up with my looniness ( is that a word ? ) in 2010 lol. Thanks gals xxx

2009 closed on a sad note.With my friend Alexs' mum passing away on the afternoon of New Years Eve. Ludda will be sadly missed by us all, she was a kind caring lady who always made us smile, she did say a few naughty things that really made us all giggle.... At the stroke of 12, we sent her two rockets and drank a toast to this wonderful woman.

2010 will be our year !! I often say that to my friend Jan who lives in Indianna, USA. Its been our new years chant since 2000. This year huh Jan ? Things will get better ;O) . Thankyou for being there for me over this last 10 years. Or maybe that should say putting up with me ;O) lol

So 2010..... Lets see what you have to offer.....


Maria (mumhug) said...

Happy new year choccy hope it brings you all you wish for xx

Sarah said...

Hope 2010 is a good one for you & yours. I intend winning the lottery ;-)