Sunday 25 May 2014

Has it really been that long ??

Wow !!!

Its been a while hasn't it ?
What can I say... So much has happened since I last posted.. Its taken me a while to pull myself back up.. I had lots of downs.. Lots of ideas  followed by lots of ups ..
What was that song
'The only way is up'  Not sure who it was by although I have the song in my head.

So where do I start... My darling Grandad passed away. My dad was found to have an aeortic anerorism , so had to have emergency surgery. I found out the company that I worked for was going into administration and then that our shop was closing. We buried granddad and the shop closed... That was all within 5 weeks and can I add just 6 days before Christmas.....

New Year started and I was determined that I had to do something.. Due to my mobility issues I wouldn't be able to walk into another job.. Even with experience that I had so..... I created my own shop then I had a job...

If I am 100 % honest, which I do always like to be ... Its my shop that saved me !! I have no idea where I would of been if it wasn't for me chanelling all my time and energy into getting my little shop open.
I love it there... Just going to work each day is just amazing... It makes me smile.. I have some of Grandma and Grandads furniture there with me too so I know they are always near.. ( Even though it has been painted up a little ;O) )

So now I have a little shop blog which you are welcome to follow if you wish too .
Or if you live anywhere near and fancy dropping in... Let me know as we love having a reason to eat cake ;O)

Heres a link to my shop blog
Oona Kay

Great big Hugs
Choccy xxx