Saturday 25 April 2009

My first nappy cake

I finally managed to make a nappy cake. I am not 100 % happy with it,but, i think its ok. I had bought all pink things then had to change them to tiny baby ones.So i had to change my colour theme. Inside is 14 size 3 nappies. a fleece blanket, a muslin square, a burp cloth, booties, scratchmitts, a vest, a babygrow, hat, teddy, doorhanger and a dummy. So heres Miiyah's nappycake. Born 24th April at 10.10am weight 6lb 3oz

Friday 17 April 2009

Monday 6 April 2009

Just because ...

I wanted to make my mum a special card to say thankyou for all she has done for us. After all why should mothers day just be once a year ?. This card was made with the craftwork cards chocolate goody bag that i bought after seeing them at the NEC.

Easter cards

I decided to make Easter cards this year. Now its not something that i usually do. Its usually just buy the boys easter eggs and thats it. Not a big fuss made at our house. But with my new found ...oooh i can knock a card up in 2 minutes phase. I decided that i would at least send cards.

Heres 3 of the cards that i have made quickly.The Easter bunny one still isnt finished but i am not sure what to add to finish it.

Uncle Kev card

Now theres a story behind why i made this card with a name on the front. Uncle Kev doesnt like being called uncle Kev. Well hes only 6 years older than me.So thinks its strange :O)

Baby door hangers

These are 2 of the reversible door hangers that i have made for my sons girlfriends, friends.

They are going to be put into a nappy cake as soon as i get my head around how to make them LOL.

Friday 3 April 2009

Door hangers

Heres the door hangers that i made for my cousins twins. The animals are wooden.I bought them from Hobbycraft for 55p each and i think they are soooo cute.

Credit Crunch Card

I thought i would have a go at the challenge on MSE card making thread. Heres my credit crunching card. The card was from a pack of 50 that i bought in the Argos Sale £4.99 so 10p for the card. The letters were squeezed from a qvc purchase of 200 sheets of paper (12x12) for £9.99 so 5p and legless brads were from craftwork cards. Approx cost 2p. So total cost of card was 17p :O) Not bad for a retirement card that wasnt 'old'.