Tuesday, 22 September 2009

New branch on our family tree

On Sunday 20th September . My mums cousin, Anthony.. Finally married his Japaneese girlfriend, Aya. What a Fantastic day we all had. Yes i had a hangover that has now finally subsided lol ( 2 days later !!) The ceremony and reception were at Tonys mums house in Billinge. Wow the whole surroundings were just out of this world.
The guests were treated to a heartfelt ceremony, which brought a tear to the eyes of everyone. Sadly Tonys father Sammy died some 20 years ago. Then again another loss 12 years ago when Tonys stepfather Granville passed away. Although there has been such loss. Tonys' mum ,Jean is now with a great man, Phil. It was such a joy to see that Jean had invited all her 'children' to share in Tony and Ayas' day.After the ceremony we all gathered at the front of the house for photographs, Lots of Champagne and canapes. Waiting staff were provided ,they were so friendly and helpful. Whilst insisting that our glasses should remain full at all times ;O)

We were called into the dining area and i must say that the company provided the best ''tent'' i had ever seen !! I will at some point put a picture of the dining area on here, when i get my mums photographs, Throughout the meal Champagne and wine was provided along with water for those who prefered.

Our food was beautiful.
We had a trio of seafood starters . Gradvadlax of Scottish Salmon with a cuecumber salad. A shot of Classic Prawn coctail and Thai scented fishcakes.

Followed by : Pan fried fillet Steak served with caramelised Shallots and a wild mushroom and maderia sauce with Chateau potatoes and a Classic Caesar Salad

And for dessert : Trio of desserts. White chocolate mousse topped with a dark chocolate swirl. Classic Tiramisu and a Pimms Jelly summer pudding with vanilla cream and a wild berry coulis

After the speaches, emails and cutting the cake. Guests were asked to go outside, again to the front of the house. We were treated to a spectacular fireworks display. Right well this just couldnt get any better !! Just as the fireworks came to an end. An ice cream van came up the road to provide us all with ice cream... Yes i managed one ;O) and had blood sauce and a flake :O)

Well we all made our way back to the dining area to find that it had all changed !! Another section had opened up and now there was a stage.. DJ and a kareoke :O) The ceremony section had been transformed to an area with settees and soft lighting ... WOW !!!
The night was danced away, drinks were flowing and songs were sang.... At 1.30 am we had a ride organised back to the hotel, which i can remember .... but i dont remember going to bed LOL
Sadly Tony and Aya have today returned back home to Tokyo in Japan. But hopefully we will get to see them both soon xx


Karen said...

Looks and sounds like an utterly fantastic Wedding Day. The photo of the Bride & Groom with their families is gorgeous the Bride looks absoloutely stunning. I wish them lots of happiness and a long and prosperous life xx

Maria (mumhug) said...

Wow that sounds spectacular !!! The photos are amazing.

Liberty :) said...

sounds lovely!!

Sarah said...

Wow what an amazing wedding, everyone looks so happy x