Saturday 21 March 2009

Online friends are just 'the BEST'

As we go through life we realise that certain things are very important to us. We meet friends that we are close to one year and then dont hear from them the next. Sometimes it easier to talk to our online friends than face to face friends. Sometimes emotions are that raw that we feel better when we can just write it down.... Well in 1998 i was a member of CollectingNation an online beanie baby community and trading site. Yes thats where i had my death threat over outbidding someone on a Charizard card !! I was the pokemom LOL. I digress.... lol theres a surprise ;O) . Whilst looking on the boards i seen a group of ladies mostly in USA that were collectors of beanies and they did a secret santa type exchange every couple of months. It sounded such great fun so i wrote an email to the 'group leader Jane and Wanda.' I though my being in the UK would pose a problem,with postage etc.. It wasnt and soon i was an active member of the group. It was great and i met women who i soon became great friends with. The exchanges ceased back in 2001. But i still carried with me some great friends, the ones who you mean to keep in contact with but only really remember them at Christmas. Its great to still get cards from USA tho...

One lady i kept in contact with and i have to say that she is the most lovely lady i have ever had the pleasure to not meet LOL. We do keep in contact on a regular basis. I am naughty sometimes and tend to forget...but then i read on facebook that shes having a bad day and post to her or email and i know that she will totally understand that even though i disappeared for a while she was never far from the front of my mind.. Shes the friend that when something happens i think oooh i must tell her...or if i am feeling down i know i can email her or put on my MSN and she is never far away...The friend that if we didnt live thousands of miles apart i know i could arrive at her door and receive a welcome smile.. We havent actually met in 'real life' but we have shared some of the most toughest and happiest moments together. We copied our wedding dvd and posted it to her because if she could of afforded to travel here i know it would of made her happy to share the day. She was the friend whos oppinion i asked on my wedding dress before i bought it. No one else had seen it :O) She is one true friend who i will one day get to meet in real life, no matter what.... Jan you have touched my life in such a big way. THANKYOU for being my friend xxx

Jan sent me,as always a super birthday gift... Thankyou Jan but you really shouldnt, you naughty person you xxx


Sarah said...

Wow you can talk lots lady - keep it up as I love reading! Love the pressie from Jan, do you think she'd like to be my friend? I'd love gifts as lovely as yours.

Melanie Marshall said...

Oona when can I get into your other blog!! LOL

I loved your photographs and presents. I so wish I had known it was your birthday :( I am glad you got lots of nice things and was spoilt, that is just what you deserve.

I am your bestest online friend ever though.. let's get that straight :p you must have made a typo!! xx

Choccy said...

LOL Mel you are my bestest online 'famous' buddy hehe

As soon as i have anything on that other blog i will let you know ;O) xxx

Sarah.... i could talk for England and then some ;O) xxx

furrypig said...

OOnie I am proud to be one of your bestest online friends as the feeling is mutual!! WE know what real friends do for each other and you are a real friend to me xxx