Thursday, 21 October 2010


Well heres my first ever attempt at some kind of tutorial for the technique (lol) ive called swishing :O)

Below are the things that i use.
Plain card blank, ive done an ATC also.
Versacolor 5 colour ink pad
A baby wipe

Now ive found out that you have to work pretty quickly. So taking pics whilst i was doing this has made it abit patchy. But i do have a few examples of 'swishing' on my blog.
I try to start with the darkest colour and choose where i want that. On the example below i used the dark green then the red .
The babywipe being wet is the thing that helps. It smudges the ink. This one was abit dry with stopping to take a picture. With each time i added the new ink i used a new finger bit of the baby wipe. This helps the ink not to mix together and turn brown/ dirty looking

I then added the lighter green and the orange. I kind of decide which way i want the ink to lie and 'swish' it from side to side. Hense me saying this is swishing hehe ;O)

The middle of the card was filled with the yellow.
When i have the basic colours on the card i go over it all quickly with the lightest colour. There was another coat of yellow ink that went on over this but i didnt take a photograph.
This was a textured card that i used so its abit bumpy. But i hope it gives an idea of swishing :O)
Choccy xxx


Liz said...

Thanks choccy GREAT TUT

off to find that ink lol
now i am waiting for the e mail where you buy the small hearts I bever stop do I LOL

Uma said...

thank you for sharing, not sure if I;m brave enough to try it tho!

craftygranny said...

ooooh i love it i'll have to give it a go.

Ali said...

Oh no another thing to add to my shopping list!! Thank you for the tutorial xx

Scrappy Scatty said...

Well done that looks fab xx

Addams said...

Wow thats great, will have to give that a try!

Gemma said...

wow what a fab effect! This is definitely going on my ever expanding 'to try' list ;) x

CT19720 said...

Fab tutorial. Thanks for sharing, if I ever get a mixed inkpad, then I will know what to do with it!x

Pat (mspfd) said...

Great tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing!