Monday, 22 November 2010

Nothing .....

Its my turn again over at Creative Craft Worlds, Christmas Countdown

Today ive made you 'nothing' !!! Well it does seem popular with all the men at Christmas ( It does in my family anyway lol ) .
I made a few of these last year and everyone thought they were really funny, so i thought i would share on here with you all.

This is a really easy to make gift again.

Take a washed empty jar, any size will do.
Use brown paper or fabric over the lid and tie in place with ribbon.
Make a tag and attatch .......... Gift made

On my tags i write or print a little verse

Did you say nothing ?
When you were asked what you wanted for Christmas.
Dont you remember saying Nothing ?
Well this time someone heard you.
I searched high and low to find the perfect gift for you.
A jar of nothing !!

To make my label i used my nesties and labels 1. I also used my cropadile.
But you could quite as easily make a tag using a large gift tag or even a sticker attatched to the jar itself.

Go on make someone smile by giving them that perfect gift :O)

Anyone who makes one of my gift ideas and links it to my blog post will be entered into a draw to win a little Christmas gift from me :O)

Choccy xx


Mini said...

This is so funny, Oona! (Glad you got the post sorted - sorry to have caused confusion!:o(
Sue x

Rainmac said...

I made a couple of these last year, I think it's a great gift x

sallysbitz said...

Well it sure is true, when you ask older members of the family what they would like, they do always reply NOTHING Lol.

I'm afraid to say i would be sooo tempted to fill it with goodies xx

Addams said...

Very funny, I like this idea!

PepPop said...

Brilliant! LOL Jaqui x

Rebekah said...

ha this is a fab idea! Love it hugs Rebekah xx