Sunday, 19 December 2010

Help needed .... pretty please ;O)

Well as all the bloggers that visit my site i am on the DT for Stitchy Bear Stamps and love being on there.. Its a great family feel that we have with all the creators, design team, co ordinators and even the big Royal Stitchyness herself..

So i figured that we should try to get Stitchy bear stamps to number 1 for Christmas ;O)
( This is in no way endorsed by Stitchy... i just wanted to see if i could make a difference.. As i know she would be absolutely OVER the moon.. Shes just broke her finger, so is poorly too :O( )

Stitch Bear Stamps

Above is a link to the Stamp site that i design cards for.. Can you please click the link. Then scroll down 3/4 of the page. ( Theres a silver box that says please vote for us)
Click on there then
click to vote for the site that sent you there.
If you then leave a comment by clicking leave a comment... Enter your rating, 10 is always appreciated ;O)
then your name.. no need for any other details but if you want to add anything, thats fine

I really think that we deserve to get to number 1 for Christmas ...........and we arent that far behind........

Go on just a few clicks and you can make a very big team...... VERY happy !!

Choccy xxx


April Reece said...

I did just that! :)