Monday, 12 April 2010

Luke and Ben meet Jack Swagger and Layla

Heres some photographs i took today . I had heard that there was going to be WWE wrestlers at a Tesco store not far from home. WWE are in Nottingham tonight at the arena. So they were doing autographs and meet and greet.
People queued from 9pm last night !!! To get tickets to come back and meet them ( Hmm note to self... remember that for next time !) Of course no one mentioned this, so we had no tickets.
But me being a Cheeky Choccy started talking to the events manager and managed to blag a spot for Luke and Ben :O)
Heres Luke and Ben having their WWE books signed by Jack Swagger and Layla. As they were the last 2 in the queue they had longer with them than everyone else too :O)


Ali said...

Ooh my boys are sooooo jealous - they have just got some new John Cena pj's they have never been so keen to go to bed!!!!

flourgirl said...

How Fantastic for your boys Choccy, I bet they cant stop talking about it!! You have two handsome lads there, I didn't meet the older one but your youngest is sooo cute xx

Happy Days said...

Now that's what I call a result. Well done you! Bet your now the best Mum in the world!

Crafty JuJu said...

Fantastic, well done on getting them in, you have the 'gift of the gab' :D x

Rainmac said...

Well done Choccy, bet they had a fab time xxx

Antonia said...

Blagging a spot , never , not you! well done the boys look really pleased.

Rusty said...

Awww pictures to treasure!! I love your boys!! specially your littlest one!! xx

Sarah A said...

Hi Oona

Your boys are gorgeous! My eldest 2 would be sooo jealous!

Don't know what your older one said to Layla but he seems to have made her laugh ;-)

Sarah x